Foods you Should Avoid When you are Diabetic

Ideally, people with diabetes must stay away from any food that leads to a spike in blood sugar level. This includes foods with a glycemic index of 50 or more. Most processed foods will fall into this category since they do not have the necessary fibre needed to balance their carbohydrate content.

This is some foods that you should avoid:

COFFEE: But coffee has loads of antioxidants?

True! Coffee is loaded with so many antioxidants.  However, the problem with commercial coffee drinks is that they are loaded with too much sugar and fat. In fact, an actual serving of coffee at Starbucks is equivalent to five servings!

Now, it is possible to make your very own much friendlier version of coffee – however, a better option is to completely ditch coffee and opt for tea instead.

NACHOS: Corn may be a high sugar vegetable. And as if this can be not enough, they’re loaded with salt and high in calories because of their deep cooked nature. The high-calorie content of nachos converts one serving into a full meal!

JUICES AND JUICE DRINKS: Several juices contain added sugar in addition to the high sugar content from the fruit juice itself. The seeds and pulp are filtered out of the juice, leaving no fibre for healthy digestion. The result, fruit drinks are thought of as unhealthy as honeylike sodas since they lade a healthy diet with supernumerary sugar. 

ROLLS AND PASTRIES: The fresh smell of cinnamon, freshly glazed, topped with strawberries and nuts – pastries are difficult to resist, aren’t they.

But I make my pastries at home?

Well, the homemade versions are equally dangerous, even if you try and reduce the serving size to prevent sugar spikes.

Cookies come in the same category, and many cookies are nothing but empty carbohydrate and fats. Can be made cookies healthier using home recipes with whole grains and high fibre, however, it must always be remembered that these are also not too great for a person with diabetes. You may have a home-baked cookie occasionally to satisfy your sweet tooth.

STORE BOUGHT SMOOTHIES: Juices and smoothies are the latest health fad. These colourful drinks are, however, loaded with sugar and other additives that diminish the power of vitamins in your smoothie. Moreover, the market versions are served in extra-large packings, which are typically five times the size of an actual serving.

While a homemade smoothie can help you meet around 90% of your nutritional requirements, the store-bought versions can run havoc on your health by causing a 200% spike in carbohydrate levels.

CHINESE FOODS: Most Chinese foods are cooked by frying in saturated fat and are loaded with high sugar sauces. The carbohydrate filled white rice is nothing but empty calories. However, it is still laden with carbohydrates. If you must eat Chinese, try and consume brown rice – as the fibre content in brown rice at least tries to compensate for the carbohydrate content. Try cook your food at home using diabetic-friendly sugar-free sauces.

HAMBURGERS: Those cheese-laden burgers that you get at Mc Donald’s taste heavenly, but are loaded with carbohydrates, and added sodium, cholesterol and sugar. Plus, the size of the burger is around four to five times the recommended size, which is enough to lead to a significant blood sugar spike.

But I love my burgers!

Well, if you must have burgers, try to create your burger at home with freshly ground meat – trust me, it is not only going to be much healthier, but also super tastier.

BREAD AND PIZZA: The crust of your store-bought pizza is loaded with refined flour, excess sugar, unwanted and unhealthy sodium and saturated fats. A full pizza can be as high as 900 calories. Top it with a few extras, and you know you have exhausted more than half of your calorie requirement for the day!

Pasta and commercial bread are equally bad owing to their high glycemic index. Choose a whole wheat option; however, it will still lead to blood sugar spikes and not fill you up for long.